JMS plans to build a reputation as Derby’s best employer

December 19, 2019 News

JMS is excited to announce the opening of a new Derby office in January 2020!

With a growing customer-base in and around Derby, JMS will play a key role in many of the upcoming civil and structural developments in the area. As well as making their mark on the local skyline, they also have their sights set on becoming one of the best employers in the area, with their generous approach to working hours and staff welfare.

Managing Director, Daniel Staines, explains: “We are delighted to set up shop in Derby. It has a great reputation for high-tech innovation, and it is also a beautiful place to live, with a great mix of urban infrastructure and amazing countryside on your doorstep.”

With offices dotted throughout the UK and overseas, the Derby office is the latest expansion for JMS.  The portfolio includes tidal flood barriers, hospitals and sustainable urban developments with green roofs.  JMS teams have also been responsible for refurbishing many of London’s Grade II listed buildings, such as The Shaftesbury Theatre.

Whilst the business may be expanding, staff waistlines and working hours won’t be. All JMS staff enjoy a ‘Free Fridays’ initiative, which gives them every second Friday off work, and this will be extended to the Derby office.

Daniel says, “The engineering industry has a reputation for tight deadlines and long working hours. People burn out. As a responsible employer, I wanted to move away from this culture, and find a way to ensure my staff could enjoy a more positive work life balance. Needless to say, when I suggested the idea of a nine-day fortnight, my team were very happy to give it a go.  After a year, we have discovered that our productivity levels are actually now much higher. People work hard when they are here and appreciate what we are doing for them.”

Meanwhile, when the staff are in, their health is considered just as important as the construction projects they are working on.

Daniel adds: “Research has shown that sedentary work can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health over time. As our engineers often spend significant time at their desks working on 3D models, we decided to give everyone a Fitbit, and we have regular challenges, with prizes, to see which office can do the most steps. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the new Derby branch will be able to give our Cyprus office a run for their money.”

Staff even have a personal trainer on hand to offer dietary advice and exercise plans!

“At the end of the day, we want our people to come into work happy, feel good about themselves, and enjoy a positive, healthy environment. And our ongoing success shows that treating your people well works.”

For further information on our business growth and future plans visit the JMS website.

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