10 things you didn’t know about JMS

March 25, 2020 News

It is at times like these that it is good to sit back and take stock of what we have achieved over the years.

With our teams starting to chatter on their video links from their home working bases, we came up with these facts about JMS, that have formed our journey to success.

So, here’s what we are proud of at JMS:

  1. Although it is some time ago, JMS are still proud that they were instrumental in the design of the 90,000 seats at the new Wembley Stadium – still an iconic British structure
  2. Our team currently holds the record as the structural designers of the highest extension in the UK – an additional 4 stories on a 12-storey building!
  3. We were the structural engineers to convert the landmark Ipswich factory, that used to make Wagon Wheels, into a 10-storey riverside apartment building – one of the first of this now transformed parts of Ipswich
  4. We have been featured on ITV News last year with our industry-leading, holistic approach to staff wellbeing for our 50+ staff across 10 offices.
  5. JMS were the designers of the multi-million-pound extension to iconic London’s Shaftesbury theatre and are currently deeply embedded in the second phase of this which is currently under construction
  6. Our team acts as the National Structural Auditor for Hanson UK
  7. We have been in the news for our proactive campaign to bring more women into the Engineering industry
  8. Over our 20+ year history we have won many awards – most recently the East Midlands Construction Awards 2019 and our work is regularly featured in Grand Designs magazine
  9. We were part of the design team for the Construction of the North Sea Valhall Oil field for BP
  10. We are the Civil & Structural designers for the new million square foot Industrial Park in Ipswich

The success of our company is down to the skill and dedication of our team-mates. Whether from home or the offices, we continue in our role to save our clients time, money and frustration, through creative engineering solutions – and remain committed to leaving a lasting and beneficial legacy.


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