Residential Survey

We are Structural Engineering consultancy practice with over 25 years’ experience. Based in the Midlands and Suffolk, we also serve Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, Essex, Manchester, London and areas between. We offer an extensive range of building surveying and engineering solutions.

Before you make a decision about whether or not to purchase a property, you should always have it inspected by an expert. This is because a comprehensive survey of the property can help uncover any work that may need to be carried out to the property before you purchase it.

The assessments carried out by experts will help you to identify any issues with the structure or condition of the building, as well as determine whether any repairs are needed. The will allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not this is a suitable investment.

Why Perform a Structural Survey

A structural survey is a detailed inspection of the property based on a visual inspection. These are typically carried out on both new and second-hand properties prior to purchase, to identify any significant problems or repairs that may be of concern to the protective purchaser. There are ofter required following the finding of cracks in a mortgage valuation report that prevent you from completing the purchase.

The inspection involves a thorough investigation of all aspects both interior and exterior. The findings of all structural audits are presented in a detailed report that includes an assessment of the current condition and suggestions for appropriate repairs and remedial measures.

What are the benefits?

It gives you peace of mind knowing the property has been professionally inspected by one of our Surveyors and an accurate report has been prepared for you to review before committing yourself to buying it.

A JMS Residential Survey is a vital tool for homeowners looking to make an investment in their property.


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