Structural Auditing Surveys (SAS)

JMS has a team of experts that undertakes structural surveys and audits, across the UK, to benchmark against both your selected and industry standards, highlight any deficiencies and ensure you have the information you need to enable you to comply with your required protocols.

Structural Engineering audits and inspections are an essential part of both ongoing operations and new projects.  Our team of experienced auditing engineers work with organisations across all sectors, to ensure their buildings and structures are structurally safe. Where we identify defects or potential problems, our bespoke software means our report, with photographic evidence, and practical guidance for remedial action, can be in our client’s hand on the same day. It is about preventative maintenance and swift solutions, before a potential catastrophic and costly failure can take place.

Why Perform a Structural Audit

Unplanned downtime or delays are amongst the biggest fears for any business, particularly in the manufacturing and construction industry, where a halt in production can be disastrous. A significant cause of unplanned downtime is structural failure which, aside from putting staff in danger, can lead to missed deadlines, vast repair bills, and a damaged reputation.

We can provide one-off site visits or provide a regular programme of site surveys for complex or multiple construction/engineering projects.

Building Structural Audits


JMS Structural Audits can include a comprehensive check of buildings and premises to match your requirements.

Structural audits are supervised by experienced and qualified structural engineers who are Members of the Institute of Structural Engineers (MIStructE). A typical JMS Auditor has over 5 years’ experience in the relevant field, including design and specification.

The findings of all structural audits are presented in a detailed report that includes an assessment of the current condition and suggestions for appropriate repairs and remedial measures.

Post Structural Audit

Once we’ve undertaken the Structural Audit, depending on the audit findings and recommendations, appropriate changes may be required. This includes repairs, strengthening of structural elements and replacement of damaged or faulty components.

JMS can provide follow-up services such as structural analysis, deflection/movement assessment, site supervision of remedial works and much more to ensure minimal disruption to your site.

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