November 15, 2023 News

JMS Engineers scoop prestigious award at ProCon Awards!

JMS Engineers has been announced as the winners in the small non-residential category for the revitalisation of the Lutterworth Museum at Leicestershire’s prestigious ProCon awards. Continue Reading
October 15, 2023 JMS Civils

Building the Future: How JMS Engineers Deliver Comprehensive Civil Engineering Solutions

JMS Civils, a leading civil engineering firm, is at the forefront of constructing a sustainable future through their comprehensive engineering solutions. With expertise spanning across Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering, and Pre-planning services, JMS Civils is committed to delivering top-notch, eco-friendly, and innovative projects across multiple sectors. Continue Reading
October 10, 2023 News

Understanding and Navigating Build Over Agreements in the UK

In the UK, when embarking on a property development project over or near a sewer, a Build Over Agreement is a critical legal requirement. This contract is established between the property owner and the local water authority to ensure the protection and accessibility of the sewerage system for both you and your surrounding community. Here’s a succinct guide on navigating this essential step: Continue Reading
September 20, 2023 News

JMS Engineers Nominated in Refurbishment/Renovation of the Year Category at Insider Yorkshire Property Industry Awards 2023

Their collaborative efforts on transforming a local landmark steeping in history has stamped their mark on the industry in the region. Continue Reading
September 12, 2023 News

Navigating the Potential Hazards of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in Building Construction:Navigating the Potential Hazards of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in Building Construction:

In May of this year, we reported on a concerning incident involving the collapse of a school roof, shedding light on the risks associated with Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) planks in construction. The Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS) had issued a warning, underlining the inherent weaknesses of these concrete planks and the urgency of addressing the issue. Continue Reading
September 6, 2023 JMS Civils

JMS Midlands in the running for ProCon award

We are delighted to announce that JMS Midlands has been shortlisted for an award at this year's prestigious ProCon Awards in Leicestershire. Following a visit by the judges to Lutterworth Museum project last month, we are thrilled to share that we have successfully secured our place in the small non-residential category final. Continue Reading
July 28, 2023 News

JMS Engineers celebrate 25 years of success with memorable cruise on the Thames

JMS Engineers, a leading provider of Civil and Structural engineering solutions, proudly marked its 25th anniversary on the 24th of June with a grand celebration aboard a scenic cruise along the Thames in London. Company owners,  Anna-Maria & Daniel were joined by more than 50 dedicated team members from JMS, along with their partners, gathered to commemorate this significant milestone in the company's history. Since its humble beginnings in a small bedroom, JMS Engineers has experienced remarkable growth and has established itself as a prominent force in the engineering industry. With offices strategically located across the UK, including the North East, East Anglia, Midlands and London, the company's headquarters proudly resides in Suffolk. Continue Reading
June 22, 2023 News

Celebrating talent and a forward thinking culture, with women at the heart of it

It’s widely accepted that the underrepresentation of women in engineering is an issue that persists globally, and despite significant advancements in gender equality in various fields, engineering remains a predominantly male-dominated profession. This lack of diversity deprives society of the potentially unique perspectives and talents that women can bring. It is essential to explore the factors contributing to this gender imbalance and propose actionable steps to promote inclusivity and achieve gender parity in engineering. At JMS, we’re so proud to have our teams enhanced by women spread across both the engineering sectors we cover as well as the managerial aspects associated with running a SME. We continue to look for ways to harbour new talent, drive professional development for everyone and actively recruit into leadership and senior roles irrespective of gender. We’re also keen champions of emerging talent, with Megan Nicholson and Katherine Searle in our team, just two of our undergraduates bringing fresh perspectives and passion into JMS. Continue Reading
June 15, 2023 News


JMS Consulting Engineers Group, a renowned leader in delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions, is delighted to announce its well-deserved inclusion in the shortlist for the prestigious NCE (New Civil Engineer) 'Best Place to Work Award.' This distinguished nomination is a testament to JMS’ unwavering dedication to fostering a culture of staff wellbeing and innovation within the business. Continue Reading
May 30, 2023 News

Engineering Fit Challenge: Cultivating Health and Teamwork

In today's fast-paced work environments, prioritising employee well-being and fostering teamwork are essential for any successful company. At JMS, we understand the significance of promoting the health of our staff while nurturing a sense of camaraderie among our teams. Introducing the "JMS Healthy Hustle" – a unique program that combines fitness and teamwork through the use of Fitbit technology. Continue Reading
May 19, 2023 News

The risks of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in building construction

A recent incident involving the collapse of a school roof has raised serious concerns about the use of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) planks in construction. The Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS) has issued a warning, highlighting the inherent weaknesses of these concrete planks and the need for immediate action. In this blog post, we will delve into the findings of the investigation and the potential risks associated with RAAC, urging caution and necessary steps to address the issue. Continue Reading
April 27, 2023 JMS Civils

Paving the Way: JMS Civils' Innovative Approach to Transport Planning and Pre-planning Services

The modern built environment demands sustainable and innovative solutions, especially when it comes to transportation infrastructure and pre-planning services. JMS Civils, a leading civil engineering firm, has consistently delivered top-notch projects by adopting forward-thinking strategies in transport planning and pre-planning services. Continue Reading
JMS Civils

JMS Civils: Engineering a Sustainable Future

JMS Civils, a leading provider of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering, and Pre-planning services, is dedicated to shaping the built environment with innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions. Our diverse portfolio of projects showcases our expertise in various sectors, from residential developments to commercial and municipal infrastructure. Continue Reading
September 14, 2022 News

JMS Midlands shortlisted for trio of awards at major Leicestershire property and construction awards

We’re delighted to announce that JMS Midlands have made the finals in three categories at this year’s ProCon awards. The ProCons are the Leicestershire construction industry’s most prestigious and well-respected awards, and the team are proud to get this level of recognition in a year filled with so many incredible construction projects across the county. Continue Reading
May 20, 2022 News

JMS’ Midlands team shortlisted for the Midlands Residential Property Awards 2022

We are very pleased to announce that JMS Midlands are in the running for an award at the Midlands Residential Property Awards 2022. The event, now in its seventh year, will showcase the best projects and developers over the past 12 months. Continue Reading
April 26, 2022 News

JMS Consulting Engineers introduce new transport services under latest hire Andrew Burnley

JMS Civil & Structural Consulting Engineers, one of the UK’s leading independent engineering firms, recently welcomed new hire Andrew Burnley to their Nuneaton office. Andrew will take the lead on the group’s latest service offering providing Transport Statements and Transport Assessments to support clients’ planning applications. Continue Reading
April 14, 2022 News

Why you should build a career in Civil and Structural Engineering

No Civil or Structural Engineer ever forgets their first completed project. After all, nothing compares to the feeling of being able to reach out and touch a structure, knowing you imagined, designed, and created it. Want to know what else makes civil and structural engineering the best career choice for budding engineers? Continue Reading
March 18, 2022 News

The PI Insurance Crisis - Is your Consultant sufficiently insured?

It’s no secret that Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance woes have impacted the construction industry in recent years. The knock-on effect of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the collapse of Carillion, and various other economic factors, has caused premiums surge. The halcyon days of plentiful and affordable PI cover are gone, and won’t be coming back for a good while. In fact, premiums and excesses will likely continue to rise, and fully comprehensive cover is increasingly out of reach for many. Continue Reading
February 21, 2022 News

The ‘birthplace’ of Iron Maiden: The Cart and Horses, set to re-open in Spring following extensive renovation

The Cart & Horses (known affectionately as the 'Iron Foundry') is a traditional London pub and the birthplace of many heavy metal legends. Situated near Maryland station in Leyton, it is known for incredible gigs from bands such as Iron Maiden. Due to its location and position, the pub regularly attracts fans from all over the world who stop by for a drink and to look at the memorabilia that adorns the walls. Continue Reading
February 7, 2022 News

JMS Engineers announces change in leadership

JMS Engineers has two new Managing Directors as founder, Daniel Staines, hands over the reins to Andy Kenyon and Mark Weston to drive the business through the next period of growth. Since creating the business in 1997, Daniel, supported by wife Anna-Maria and more recently, Andy and Mark, has turned JMS into one of the UK’s leading independent civil and structural engineering.  Daniel remains part of the team, available for guidance and support, whilst leading several projects within the business. Anna-Maria Staines remains in her post as Director and will continue to shape the company's strategic objectives and policies. Continue Reading

If you work at JMS, every other Friday is a free day off!

For JMS Consulting Engineers, building a motivated, happy and capable workforce is just as important as constructing the civil, structural and commercial infrastructure they’re renowned for. Continue Reading
September 23, 2021 News

JMS - strengthening our presence across the UK

In the last 18 months of uncertainty, we have strengthened our presence across the UK with existing and new clients. Our adaptability has continued to yield results as we offer tangible solutions to our clients.  Continue Reading
May 25, 2021 News

Happy birthday to the Orwell Bridge

Here in Suffolk you will find the mighty Orwell Bridge, which stands as one of the most significant and well-known feats of engineering in the region, if not the country. When it first opened to traffic nearly forty years ago, it was the longest pre-stressed concrete span in the UK. With appearances in Hollywood action films, many a local postcard, and more than a few TV dramas, it has become an iconic part of the landscape. Continue Reading
May 20, 2021 News

We do our job well, and we do engineering well

At JMS, we might have plenty of qualifications, awards, and cutting-edge design software to impress our clients with, but this isn’t what really counts on the ground when it comes to achieving success for our clients. Continue Reading
May 13, 2021 News

A classic Grade II property conversion, featured in Grand Designs magazine

JMS have been involved in many grand designs over the years, but it was our recent work on a Grade II listed residential property that saw us gracing the pages of Grand Designs magazine. Our structural engineering support allowed Charles Kennett of Staniforth Architects to complete the complex task of sympathetically refurbishing, extending and converting this historic property into a modern living space. Continue Reading
May 10, 2021 News

Refurbishing luxury housing and reshaping Berkshire’s infrastructure is all in a day’s work for JMS Reading

With bold plans afoot to turn Reading into the capital of the South East, and £3bn in government investment on the table, it was only natural that JMS would set up a regional office right at the heart of the action. Continue Reading
April 14, 2021 News

JMS’ success is built on unity, collaboration and teamwork.

As a client-first company, we understand the importance of putting a friendly face up front. This ensures those we work with always have accessible and approachable engineering expertise on hand throughout their project. And in the same way the visible part a construction projects is supported by a solid foundation and frame, so too is our friendly on-site expert. Continue Reading
April 9, 2021 News

How JMS is helping to change the landscape of Reading

Once a small market town, Reading is experiencing a huge increase in residential, commercial, and public sector developments.  With the government introducing a £3bn housing initiative last year, many local authorities are looking to create thousands of new homes in the heart of Berkshire. Continue Reading
March 5, 2021 News

How construction will be affected by the new budget

The Government’s most recent financial statement for the 2021 Spring Budget was released on 3rd March 2021. The Chancellor outlined a bold plan aimed at stabilising the economy and supporting homeowners as the country heads out of lockdown – but what does all of this mean for the construction industry? Continue Reading
March 4, 2021 News

If you have a construction problem, JMS has an engineering solution

At JMS, the greatest thing we ever built didn’t require any physical materials or planning permission, yet its value is priceless. And it has been the foundation for thousands of successful construction projects over the last two decades. Continue Reading
January 30, 2021 News

Why developing talent is key to business success

Nurturing and developing talented young people is ​one of the cores to our growth strategy as our expansion creates new skilled jobs throughout the UK. One of our rising stars, Megan Nicholson, began working with JMS aged just 15, when she joined the team during a work experience placement.  Five years on and Megan is now in the process of undertaking a degree as part of an apprenticeship she started in 2018. Continue Reading
January 26, 2021 News

Despite the pandemic, JMS Group reports growth and recruitment drive

A series of new contract wins is helping one of the UK’s leading engineering consultants to post an increase in turnover during 2020.  And, as businesses in the UK remain under intense pressure owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, JMS, the national Civil and Structural Engineering Group is holding a big recruitment drive. Continue Reading
January 16, 2021 News

JMS - Why the UK needs to be more inclusive when it comes to women in engineering

According to a recent study carried out by the Women's Engineering Society, just 12.37% of all engineers are women in the UK*.  This is a slight rise from 9% in 2015, but still significantly lower than every other country in Europe. Latvia, for example, is the current leader, with 30% of their engineering workforce being female. Continue Reading
January 14, 2021 News

JMS Engineers promote Bhavin Parmar to Civils Production Director

JMS is delighted to announce the promotion of Bhavin Parmar to the role of Civils Production Director.  This promotion demonstrates Bhavin’s exceptional contribution to the company over the last six years. Continue Reading
December 23, 2020 News

JMS Engineers continues expansion with new London office

JMS, the national group of Civil & Structural Engineers, is strengthening its London-based team by opening a new office in Stamford Hill and employing further staff to meet the growing demand for their services in this vibrant part of North London. Continue Reading

JMS Engineer - Russell Holway - goes the extra mile so Bradgate Park visitors won’t have to

Anyone familiar with Leicestershire will know Bradgate Park. Around 3.5 million visitors flock to the 850-acre site each year to enjoy the fresh air, see the fallow deer, and hike to well known landmarks such as Old John. However, when JMS visited the area in 2019, it wasn’t for sightseeing. The job was to assess the safety of the bridges that enable traffic to access the area. And as it turned out, Old John wasn’t the only structure on site that was showing signs of age. Continue Reading
December 21, 2020 News

JMS Director Graham Chapman eyes national goals from Reading office

As JMS Director Graham Chapman steps into a new role as SAS & Technical Director at JMS, he may be moving to our Reading office, but his eye is now very much on the wider business. Continue Reading
November 12, 2020 News

The extraordinary tale of the fantasy pirate island in Cambridgeshire

In 2013, JMS engineers worked with Sege Rosella at The Master Wishmakers to bring James Challis’ vision of a pirate island, into reality. Continue Reading
October 8, 2020 News

JMS supports fledgling businesses with new Dream Hatcher innovation programme

Opening in Ipswich this winter, Dream Hatcher is offering free office space, broadband, phones, meeting rooms, mentoring and more to fledgling businesses looking to take the next step in their growth. Continue Reading
October 2, 2020 News

East Midlands JMS Director, Andy Kenyon, explains the benefits of offsite construction

Offsite manufacturing is fast becoming a mainstream method of construction. A growing proportion of JMS projects are now using or considering this affordable and sustainable option.  Continue Reading
September 25, 2020 News

JMS secures a major, nationwide agreement with Breedon

JMS is excited to announce that it has secured a major, nationwide agreement with Breedon, a leading construction materials group in Great Britain and Ireland, as they undertake a project to centralise their structural inspection process and suppliers. This significant agreement has expedited the company’s requirement to recruit an additional office administrator and two senior engineers. Continue Reading
September 11, 2020 News

JMS - Our big plans for Cambridge

As JMS enters a new phase of growth, we speak to Mark Weston, Director of JMS East Anglia, about working at JMS through the pandemic - and new business opportunities as the company opens a new office in Cambridge. Continue Reading
August 20, 2020 News

JMS joins forces with Davidsons Homes to support Matt Hampson Foundation

Building work has now started on two new accommodation units at Matt Hampson Foundation’s Get Busy Living Centre, in Burrow-on-the-Hill, near Melton Mowbray. Continue Reading
July 28, 2020 News

Modern Methods of Construction - How JMS can help deliver the homes the UK needs

For building firms who were already struggling to stay ahead of deadlines, the Coronavirus pandemic couldn’t have come at a worse time. Sudden skill shortages, site shutdowns and reduced productivity have caused serious (and costly) delays. So with all this going on, you might be forgiven for thinking the Government target of building 300k new houses this year won’t be met. Continue Reading
June 25, 2020 News

JMS Leicester announces move to larger premises

JMS, the national group of consulting engineers, is bolstering its presence in Leicester with a move to larger premises, as they expand to meet growing demand for their specialised civil and structural engineering services. Continue Reading
June 23, 2020 News

JMS to develop specialist MMC solutions division

JMS Group, the national civil & structural engineering firm, will soon unveil it's new division specialising in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).  This new division will add to their growing list of services including site surveys, complex structures, highways and drainage to name just a few. Continue Reading
June 19, 2020 News

Another new office announcement from JMS Engineers!

As a result of continued business growth, we are excited to announce the opening of our new Cambridge branch in July 2020. Continue Reading