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Why you should build a career in Civil and Structural Engineering

April 14, 2022 News

No Civil or Structural Engineer ever forgets their first completed project. After all, nothing compares to the feeling of being able to reach out and touch a structure, knowing you imagined, designed, and created it. Want to know what else makes civil and structural engineering the best career choice for budding engineers?

  • You get to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our society
  • Everyone is aware of the ways climate change and population growth will affect our future, but civil and structural engineers are the people who are doing something about it right now
  • These are the experts who are developing solutions for the built environment, like green roofs and innovative drainage schemes
  • The people who are preparing our roads, bridges and railways to withstand the increasing traffic and weather factors that tomorrow may bring

As a Civil and Structural Engineer, your work will make a profound difference to the lives of future generations.

You’ll never stop learning, and growing.

Structural and Civil Engineers work on a huge variety of projects, all over the world. You’ll build knowledge and experience as you go, of course, but a reputable employer – like JMS – will also invest heavily in your continual professional development. That means you’ll be given the time and funding to take on further professional qualifications, so you’ll always be bang up to date with the latest technology and working methods.

You’ll be the person who can find the solutions nobody else can.

If you’re drawn to engineering because you love solving problems, then let me introduce you to the architects, builders and developers who regularly turn to us to ensure their projects remain on track. When budgets are straining, materials are in short supply, and success hangs in the balance, all eyes turn to the engineer to find a solution. Because while all these people may be experts in their field, it’s only the Civil or Structural Engineer who is capable of seeing the project as a whole, and finding the best solution that works for everyone.

At JMS, we support our engineers to be the people who can make impossible-seeming ideas become possible. It’s a thrilling feeling being the person who can make projects possible.  And that’s what our engineers do every day.

Did we mention the perks?

At JMS, we’re all for providing our engineers with regular training opportunities, but with our 9-day working fortnights, we also love to provide them with more time for themselves too. We’re a supportive, collaborative bunch, with offices all around the country, and right now, off the back of our incredible growth in recent years, we’re recruiting!   So if this blog has whetted your appetite for a civil or structural engineering career, check out our vacancies here.

We’d love to hear from you.

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