Why developing talent is key to business success

January 30, 2020 News

Nurturing and developing talented young people is ​one of the cores to our growth strategy as our expansion creates new skilled jobs throughout the UK.

One of our rising stars, Megan Nicholson, began working with JMS aged just 15, when she joined the team during a work experience placement.  Four years on and Megan is now in the process of undertaking a degree as part of an apprenticeship she started in 2018.

JMS Midland’s Director, Andy Kenyon says: “The reality is that ​full time higher education is not for everyone.  Many young people can’t wait to start earning and applying themselves to real life projects. These people are often very driven, and we are keen to harness and develop that.”

Megan began working with JMS before she had even completed her GCSE’s, thanks to her school’s ‘work ready’ policy, which meant she did one day a week of work experience. By the time she was nearing the end of her A levels and trying to decide between full time further education and full-time work, JMS offered her an apprenticeship.

Megan explains: “My CAD experience from school gave me a great advantage. In no time at all I had progressed to Auto CAD. The JMS team could not have been more supportive. I was introduced to all areas of structural design, and they gave me a thorough grounding in every part of the business.”

Does she regret not going to university? “I am relieved I didn’t go down the full-time further education route, because the work experience I have had at JMS has taught me more than I could ever have learned on a course. And, as it happens, I’ve still got the best of both worlds, because as I have progressed in my apprenticeship, I’ve been given the opportunity to undertake degree in civil engineering. I feel very lucky because there are not many employers who are willing to support their employees like JMS have done for me.”

“My course is going really well. My continuing experience in the industry has helped no end in completing my assignments. I can use real life case studies to aid my work. At the same time, what I am learning in college is helping me in the workplace. So far, in this academic year, I have completed modules on construction information (drawings and specification), site supervisions, mathematics for construction and personal professional development. I’m really enjoying it.”

And Megan is not alone, because JMS have several apprentices gathering valuable skills and experience throughout their nationwide operation.

For more information on JMS apprenticeship schemes visit our website.

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