Engineering Fit Challenge: Cultivating Health and Teamwork

May 30, 2023 News

In today’s fast-paced work environments, prioritising employee well-being and fostering teamwork are essential for any successful company. At JMS, we understand the significance of promoting the health of our staff while nurturing a sense of camaraderie among our teams. Introducing the “JMS Healthy Hustle” – a unique program that combines fitness and teamwork through the use of Fitbit technology.

Promoting Health:

The Engineering Fit Challenge aims to improve the overall health of our teams. Recognising the sedentary nature of much of our work, we strive to encourage regular physical activity. By utilising Fitbit devices, participants can effortlessly track steps, set goals, and monitor their progress.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

The challenge emphasises teamwork and collaboration. Our teams comprise staff from different departments, offices and associated Companies, facilitating interaction & connections. Participants support and motivate one another, fostering unity and shared objectives.

How It Works:

Each Challenge, typically spans a month – allowing participants ample time to establish fitness habits. The teams consist of staff from various company areas, ensuring diversity and interaction. Equipped with Fitbit watches provided by JMS, participants embark on a collective journey toward achieving fitness targets.

Measuring Success:

Success in the Engineering Fit Challenge is based on team average step counts, ensuring fairness regardless of team size. Cash prizes reward teams with the highest average step counts, promoting healthy competition and motivation.

Support and Motivation:

Our HR department oversees the program, providing guidance, support, and motivation. Regular progress updates and communication keep participants engaged. The Stridekick app serves as a reliable platform for tracking individual and team progress, fostering healthy competition and camaraderie.

The Impact:

The Engineering Fit Challenge extends beyond physical health benefits. By promoting regular physical activity and teamwork, we create a positive work environment. Increased engagement, improved morale, and stronger relationships among team members are anticipated outcomes. Healthier employees also experience increased productivity and reduced stress levels, contributing to overall company success.


At JMS, we invest in our employees’ well-being, benefiting their personal lives and our company as a whole. The Engineering Fit Challenge is an exciting initiative fostering health, teamwork, and community among our engineering teams. Leveraging Fitbit technology and creating an environment of support and motivation, we believe our engineers will embrace this challenge, achieving new heights in their fitness journeys. Together, we engineer a healthier, more united future.

Remember, it’s not just about taking steps – it’s about taking steps together toward a brighter and healthier tomorrow!

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