JMS’ success is built on unity, collaboration and teamwork.

April 14, 2021 News

As a client-first company, we understand the importance of putting a friendly face up front. This ensures those we work with always have accessible and approachable engineering expertise on hand throughout their project.

And in the same way the visible part a construction projects is supported by a solid foundation and frame, so too is our friendly on-site expert.

JMS is built around people.

That’s because we are a company based on teamwork, collaboration and unity. We might recruit people because they have the talent and skills necessary to maintain our reputation, but it’s in the way we build and strengthen the bonds between team members that the JMS connection is created.

And building a team that truly works together means you are able to bring numerous skills, experiences and perspectives to bear on every client brief. And when you can do that, most problems, no matter how complex or difficult, can be approached from new and fresh angle. In fact, for us, a problem shared with colleagues isn’t a problem halved… it’s a problem solved.

We don’t compete with each other, we only compete with the idea that a solution is ‘impossible’ or ‘not buildable.’ And so far, we have always won.

It’s why, when ambitious clients are shooting for the sky, we are the people they turn to for solutions. Over the years, our collaborative team spirit has bridged the gap between big ideas and buildability on many major projects.

So next time you encounter one of JMS’ engineers on a project, remember, behind that person sits a large team of knowledgeable and dedicated experts, who are eager to apply innovation, creativity and intelligence to every part of your construction problem.

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