We do our job well, and we do engineering well

May 20, 2021 News

At JMS, we might have plenty of qualifications, awards, and cutting-edge design software to impress our clients with, but this isn’t what really counts on the ground when it comes to achieving success for our clients.

After all, qualifications are vital, but they only tell you half the story.

What matters is our passion.

JMS is built from people who live and breathe engineering. Our team are at their best when applying their skills to your problems. When you engage us to work on your project, you’re investing in our passion, knowledge and drive to find solutions where others can’t. You are buying into a resourceful team who will be there, on site, always accessible, and focussed on doing the engineering work necessary to get your project across the finishing line.

People powered engineering.

It’s this passion that has changed the shape of skylines all over the country. It’s this passion that has found new ways to create foundations, to empower major contractors to meet their construction targets. It’s this simple passion for engineering that runs deep, and has made things possible that clients didn’t believe could happen. For us, we’re always looking to be better than our best.

When you have a team on your side that are passionate about civil and structural engineering, there is always space to raise your game when challenges seem insurmountable.

By all means, takes our qualifications, awards, and modelling software as signs that we’re serious about what we do. We are, and they do matter. Of course they do. But remember, we’re a company built on people, and it’s their brains, passion and dedication that will make the real difference to your project.

Want to talk about your next project? We’re always up for a chat so get in touch.

May 25, 2021 News

Happy birthday to the Orwell Bridge

Here in Suffolk you will find the mighty Orwell Bridge, which stands as one of the most significant and well-known feats of engineering in the region, if not the country. When it first opened to traffic nearly forty years ago, it was the longest pre-stressed concrete span in the UK. With appearances in Hollywood action films, many a local postcard, and more than a few TV dramas, it has become an iconic part of the landscape. Continue Reading
May 13, 2021 News

A classic Grade II property conversion, featured in Grand Designs magazine

JMS have been involved in many grand designs over the years, but it was our recent work on a Grade II listed residential property that saw us gracing the pages of Grand Designs magazine. Our structural engineering support allowed Charles Kennett of Staniforth Architects to complete the complex task of sympathetically refurbishing, extending and converting this historic property into a modern living space. Continue Reading
May 10, 2021 News

Refurbishing luxury housing and reshaping Berkshire’s infrastructure is all in a day’s work for JMS Reading

With bold plans afoot to turn Reading into the capital of the South East, and £3bn in government investment on the table, it was only natural that JMS would set up a regional office right at the heart of the action. Continue Reading