Refurbishing luxury housing and reshaping Berkshire’s infrastructure is all in a day’s work for JMS Reading

May 10, 2021 News

With bold plans afoot to turn Reading into the capital of the South East, and £3bn in government investment on the table, it was only natural that JMS would set up a regional office right at the heart of the action.

As JMS Reading Lead Associate James Gillies explains, it’s about being there when developers need us.

“The scale and scope of what we are consulting on here in Reading is phenomenal. And when it comes to such complex and ambitious infrastructure work, developers need people on-site who can resolve difficult engineering problems. Being right there means we’re helping developers meet deadlines, and stopping their costs from spiralling out of control due to delays.”

Ambitious engineering for ambitious times.

Although some projects are in the early stages, and James can’t say too much, he’s relishing being able to support some of the most ambitious architects in the country on projects that will shape Reading for the future.

“Reading West Station is going to be the centrepiece of the new vision for the area. With pedestrianised links, small park-like areas, and event spaces, this is a project of epic proportions, with an eye on sustainability and community. In the area that is being torn down around the station, there are further plans for thousands of homes, offices, and retail areas. We aren’t just changing the urban landscape for the better, we’re also improving the employment landscape for the local community.”

Luxury home expertise.

With the government putting their money where their mouth is on housing targets, JMS Reading have been working closely with many of the property developers, homeowners, and local authorities in the area.

“Feedback has been great from the clients we’ve worked with, as we build these new communities. Over the next few years, the housing situation in Reading is going to change significantly, to support the growing number of businesses that will move into the area, and it’s amazing to be part of such a positive transformation.”

However, JMS aren’t just working with large developers, they’re also working with architects and private homeowners on refurbishing some of the many luxury properties in Berkshire.

The team’s experience creating private residential properties, and building sympathetic extensions on listed buildings, has already been featured in the likes of Grand Designs magazine, and now those skills are being sought out for local projects.

It’s something James and the team are excited to expand. “We’ve got a portfolio of amazing work to show off to client and architects, and I can’t wait to see where that side of things takes us in Reading.”

As Reading’s landscape is reshaped by bold and ambitious developers and engineers, one thing is for sure, JMS will be right there in the centre of the action. Find out more.

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