JMS sets up Skill Set Enhancement Sessions for furloughed workers

April 9, 2020 News

The uncertainty and disruption brought about by the coronavirus pandemic has left many businesses in disarray.  Not JMS group.

We took time to take stock of the situation and the requirements of our clients and whilst we have retained the majority of our teams engaged on existing and new projects, some  of our colleagues have temporarily opted  for furlough while the dust settles.

As an industrious bunch, very much driven by challenges and progress, we are still connecting with our furloughed friends throughout the week to undertake training on a wide range of subjects.

Whilst furloughed employees cannot work for their employer during this period, they can use the time for training. And our teammates have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and development.

We’ve asked for input from the furloughed few on what topics they would like covered and have consulted with managers on what they feel would be of benefit. So far we have covered: Presentation skills, Productivity Sales, Highways Act 1980, Blue Beams, Calculation Proformas, Project Management, Time Management, Effective Use of Social Media, CAD Detail, Article Writing, CDM, Where our Money goes, London Drainage & SuDs, An Introduction to Foundations and may more…

The training is delivered via Microsoft teams with a presentation on the topic, followed by a series of practice exercises to do with the help of a crib sheet or briefing document. The presentations are fully interactive and cover a wide range of topics.

Daniel Staines, Managing Director of JMS, explains: “We want to ensure that the people who have been furloughed don’t feel left out or side-lined. We’ve quickly and effectively adapted our training programme to meet the needs of the current situation. What we have in place ensures that we do not lose touch, benefits those who have been furloughed – and the wider team – and ensures that they are set up to return to work at the earliest opportunity.”

JMS invites anyone who has been furloughed to take part in their training sessions.

For further information email: [email protected].

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