• Summers Inman

Another successful bridge renewal scheme

JMS have designed a structural remedial solution for Summers Inman, construction consultants to replace/improve the entrance bridge to one of Severn Trent Waters sites.

The design

The remedial solution designed by JMS involves a replacement reinforced concrete bridge deck and underpinning works to the bridge abutments. The solution designed will allow large 45Tonne lorries to access and exit the site and the site to continue to treat and provide water locally.

The new bridge slab provides additional safety features that were not incorporated within the pre-existing slab such as fixings for vehicle restraint barriers/parapets.

Water treatment can continue

Once again, another successful solution designed by JMS. Providing a bridge solution that was precast on site and lifted into position greatly reduced the time implications of installing insitu formwork that would have been required if a precast option was not adopted.

Sometimes it can be surprising what infrastructure is required and what challenges are present just to provide clean water!