Briscoe Lane

    Briscoe Lane, Woodhouse

    The JMS team supported Staniforth Architects, Keller Construction and Reynolds Property on the Briscoe Lane development, and brought a variety of innovative low-impact, environmentally friendly techniques to the table. This allowed these properties to not only blend in with the village, but embrace modern heating, lighting and drainage needs too.

    With environmental impact on everyone’s mind during this project, the JMS team approached the design stage with careful thought. And it was thanks to their use of innovative ‘no-dig’ construction techniques when creating pathways that meant trees that might have required removal could not only be saved, but also add to the sympathetic look and feel of the properties.

    With a traditional look achieved, these properties also enjoy modern thermal efficiency and rooflights that supply plenty of natural light. So it’s no surprise this unique development has seen huge amounts of interest from eager homebuyers and has been shortlisted for a ProCon property and construction award 2022.

    Thank you to Staniforth Architects for allowing us to share these photos.

    Briscoe Lane