• Farnborough

MMC Case Study - ICF using Sismo Building Technology

JMS has provided the full Civil & Structural design and involved with site inspections for a residential redevelopment project
in Farnborough. The former Ham and Blackbird pub on Farnborough Road will be knocked down to make way for two, six storey apartment blocks, with a large semi-submerged basement car-park and a community facility.

We designed this project using the Sismo Building Module; the basic structure of the module is the steel wire lattice. At the exterior sides of the lattice, infill panels are inserted, which transform the lattice into a closed structure that can be filled with concrete. The type of infill panels used depends on the purpose of the wall; loadbearing or not, insulated or otherwise etc.

The steel wire also acts as armature and anchoring for the finishing material and it will hold reinforcement bars in place during the concrete filling.

This is the third project we have undertaken using this building technology.