The Old Folly
  • Private Client
  • Beausale, Warwick
  • Residential

Old Folly Barn, Warwick

This was certainly a challenging project for the team at JMS…

Transforming a dilapidated barn presented a unique opportunity for the owners of Old Folly Barn in Warwick, who wanted to create a stunning three-storey home and enjoy a slice of idyllic living in the Warwickshire countryside.  However, as is often the case when changing the use of agricultural building into a dwelling, the planning permissions incurred did not make this a straightforward project.

The Barn, situated within a green belt, was subject to very strict planning consent, which stipulated that permission was granted to convert the barn to a dwelling only.  This meant the barn could not be demolished and the existing structure would need to remain while the basement was constructed around it.  The original Engineer had proposed a system of contiguous piles that bought the house in above budget.

To overcome this, the original barn was suspended on a steel frame, supported on temporary deep foundations that allowed the building to ‘float’ above the excavations whilst a 5m metre deep reinforced concrete basement was formed. The Barn was then connected to the new structure, maintaining the strict rules surrounding the planning permissions.  Engineering expertise at its best!

The effort was most definitely worth it, the Barn has plenty of internal volume that creates a dramatic and stunning three-storey property.  The south face light well is constructed using frameless balustrading and the effect on the basement rooms is of a light and high-quality space, far removed from the poor living experience of traditional basements.

The interior is open plan and flexible with an open staircase throughout the central core of the building.  ASHP Renewable Energy Generation and a heat recovery system was also installed to make this unique home an uplifting place to live.

The contractors estimate JMS’ involvement in the scheme reduced the construction programme by eight months and saved in excesses of £60,000.

If you are considering converting an older building, JMS Consulting Engineers has a proven track record of supporting conversion and creating stunning basements.