Lordship School

    Reviving history, the redevelopment of St Mary's Lodge in Stoke Newington

    Stoke Newington, a vibrant neighbourhood in North London, is witnessing the reawakening of an iconic landmark. St Mary’s Lodge, which suffered from a devastating fire 14 years ago, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. A joint effort by JMS Engineers, BMAD architects, and Prospero Projects is underway to breathe new life into the derelict mansion while constructing a state-of-the-art school adjacent to it.

    The heart of this ambitious project lies in the restoration of St Mary’s Lodge, a mansion steeped in history and memories. The restoration process involves meticulous repairs, ensuring the preservation of the mansion’s unique architectural features, whilst also creating a new basement below.

    Alongside the mansion restoration, the redevelopment is creating a new purpose-built school that will cater to the educational needs of the local community. This school is a four-storey structure, designed to provide a nurturing environment for boys from the local community. With a strong emphasis on education and community enrichment, this school will play a significant role in shaping the future of the area.

    Structural integrity

    The new school is constructed using a steel-framed structure with concrete composite floors on the upper levels. Reinforced concrete slabs will form the ground floor and basement, while piled foundations will provide the necessary support, ensuring the building stands tall for generations to come.

    For the existing lodge refurbishment, a new steel frame has been designed to be integrated within the existing structure, providing support to the reconstructed floors and reinforcing the existing facades.

    The exterior of the new school will boast an impressive stone facade, affixed to a galvanized steel frame. This thoughtful design choice pays its respect to the historical context of the restored mansion while adding a touch of elegance to the modern structure.

    Ben Norman, the JMS Consultant managing the project said; “The contributions of JMS Engineers extend beyond structural aspects. They have played a pivotal role by incorporating sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) within the surface water drainage strategy.  The strategy includes provision for a green roof and permeable surfacing, designed to slow the rainwater runoff,  designed to relieve the pressure on the surrounding public sewer network where capacity is at a premium.

    The revitalisation of St Mary’s Lodge and the construction of the adjoined two-form entry school represent a remarkable synergy between historical preservation, architectural innovation, and community development. The collaboration between JMS, BMAD architects, and Prospero Projects M&E Engineers embodies a shared commitment to honouring the past while embracing the future. As the project takes shape, it promises to become a beacon of hope, knowledge, and unity for the entire Stoke Newington community.

    Our thanks to BMAD architects, for the CGI image.