• Sherbourne Fields School
  • Coventry

Sherbourne Fields School, Coventry

Structural engineering for schools and educational developments can quite often be difficult, especially if the school needs to be built or extended within existing infrastructure.  However, working with our friends at IDP Architects, this project was an absolute pleasure.

We were asked to provide structural design services for Sherbourne Fields School, an Outstanding specialist setting for pupils with a broad spectrum of needs, including physical disabilities, medical conditions and learning needs.

The hydrotherapy pool at the school has been in continuous use by the pupils and staff for the past 50 years.  It is a critical part of the children’s therapy and is also used by the wider community.

We were tasked with designing a fully refurbished pool with alterations made to the roof, new openings to improve the light and accessibility, and repairing defects with the building fabric.

As you can see from the photos, the end result is stunning.  We were very proud to be part of this project, safe in the knowledge that we have designed a stunning, yet robust pool that will continue to help the pupils at the school meet their long term health needs.